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APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics at the Research Triangle, NC (2015)

To attend the conference, you must first apply through the central APS CUWiP application site. Registration for the conference can only happen after you have received a notice from the APS that you have been accepted. Please apply only to the conference closest to your geographic location on January 13th, 2017.

Apply Now

The faculty accompanying undergraduate students should register by emailing to

When you send in your application, it will be evaluated by the local organizing committee of the conference to which you applied (i.e. the conference that is closest to your anticipated location, January 13, 2017). At Virginia Tech we expect to be able to accept most or all of our applicants, but in case we have to limit acceptance, preference will be given to students who have not previously attended a CUWiP. 

Once you are accepted, you will be asked to register, also through a central APS site.  Lodging, food, and tours will be provided to all attendants by the conference. We encourage you to ask your department to help you with travel expenses.   


If you have any questions, please contact the Virginia Tech Local Organizing Committee at cuwipvt

Note: The CUWiP conferences are targeted towards undergraduate physics majors.