The APS Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) are three-day regional conferences for undergraduate physics majors. The 2017 conferences will be held January 13-15. 

The primary goal of the CUWiP conference is to help undergraduate women continue in physics by providing them with the opportunity to experience a professional conference, information about graduate school and professions in physics, and access to other women in physics of all ages with whom they can share experiences, advice, and ideas. 

The 2017 program at Virginia Tech will include research talks, panel discussions about graduate school and careers in physics, workshops and discussions about women in physics, student research talks and poster session, and laboratory tours.


For the last decade, Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) has worked to help undergraduate women thrive in physics by providing them a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from other women in physics at all stages of their physics careers. At CUWiP, budding physicists will experience a professional conference, learn about graduate school and professions in physics, and share invaluable experiences, advice, and ideas with other women.

Because your travel costs are reimbursable, it is expected that you will attend all of the conference events as scheduled. If you have special circumstances, please contact us to discuss them.

Students will be accommodated at  Virginia Tech Inn and Conference Center. Please visit our Travel & Accommodation page for more information. If you are driving to the conference, you may park at the Inn and on campus. Do not make your own reservations. 

We will help you with travel between airports and Virginia Tech, by organizing shuttles, or pointing you to commercial services. If you plan to fly, please contact us before making your reservation.

After the conference, you can submit the reimbursement form that will be provided to you. Reimbursement will be mailed to you within the month. For more details please contact us

You will not need to reserve or pay for your hotel room, we will be taking care of that. You may park on campus after 5pm pn Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday. For more information, please see our travel information.

Make sure to bring business casual clothing (slacks, button down, blouse, skirt, dress, flats, etc). Please make sure to bring layers due to cold weather, warm jacket and proper shoes. If you are giving a poster, please make sure to print it out before coming to Blacksburg. 

Any undergraduate may apply.  It is very important to complete all parts of the application and to write a thoughtful Applicant Statement. In case conferences are oversubscribed, priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Are undergraduate physics majors
  • Have never attended an APS CUWiP
  • Are applying to attend the conference that is geographically closest to their expected location January 13-15, 2017.

No. You apply to attend a CUWiP conference (the one closest to you), and you are accepted, wait-listed or declined according to the priorities listed above. Application is free, and the deadline is October 14, 2016, midnight ET.  After you have been accepted, you then register with the conference to which you have been accepted (you may be assigned to a different conference depending on the number of applications) to confirm that you will actually be attending.

Students who are accepted to attend the conference must pay a one-time registration fee of $45, which helps offset some of the cost of the conference, including all lodging and meals.  If you cannot afford the registration fee and your department/college is unable to help, you may request a fee waiver if you are accepted to attend (but before you register) by submitting a statement attesting to your financial need and verifying that department or university funds are not available.  Further details will be provided when you are invited to register for the conference. 

Lodging (for non-local students) and food will be covered by the conference.  

We expect that your travel expenses will be covered by your home department or college. However, if they are not able to cover these expenses, travel funding is available . Please contact us for more information on this.

You need to talk to your department chair, manager, or director of undergraduate studies before registering. Contact us if you would like guidance in asking your department for travel funds.

No. While we encourage you to present a talk or a poster if you have been involved in research, you are welcome just to attend the conference and participate in the activities.

First, make sure you submit your application by the deadline. Second, make sure you put some thought into why you want to attend and what you want to get out of the conference. Please answer all questions on the application fully and honestly. Offering to present a talk or a poster will not affect your chances of being selected to attend.

No, but you should have an estimate of the cost. If you are traveling by air and your travel cost is not covered by your department, your airfare must be approved by the conference organizers before you book your travel. Due to the limited nature of our travel funds, we ask that you find the most economical means of transportation to and from the conference.

The content of this year’s conference won’t be exactly the same as last year’s, so you can attend again. However, if we receive more applications than we can accommodate, preference will be given to students who haven’t attended before.


Yes, all attendees must register by the deadline

Because of the high demand of students and travel costs of those who are not in our region, we will only be able to accept students who will be in the region at the time of the conference. This conference is not intended to be a graduate school visit.

We will request dietary restriction information on the registration form. If you believe your dietary needs are unusual, please contact us and we will work to accommodate you.

Typically students wear some form of professional attire to the formal dinner and during the main events of the conference. Since there is a career fair included in the Saturday events, one should look their best. There will be transportation to and from the hotel during the morning and evenings allowing for more professional shoes. However, warm shoes and coats are advised due to the time of conference (Winter). 

There are resources available. Please notify the event staff for further details towards your specific needs.  As well, we will request information on disability status on the registration form. Please contact us in advance if you have unusual requirements, and we will work to accommodate you.

Please see our Presentation Guidelines for more information

Yes! Via Facebook. You can arrange carpooling or meet your roommate through that group.

Please contact us if you are comfortable so we are aware: cuwipvt. We will encourage you to try your best during the networking opportunities, but if you need to be paired up with someone you know (either in rooming or meals), please let us know so we can try to accommodate you. We hope that you will be able to comfortably attend the conference and get something from it, but we understand that everyone needs to go at their own pace.